Interesting Facts About Diamonds You Might Not Have Heard Before


Diamonds are fascinating gemstones, unique to the point that they are considered highly valuable, some more than others. It’s hard to imagine that those diamonds come from carbon, right? That is precisely what gives diamonds their command over the hardness scale when it comes to gemstones. Think about the diamond drill bits and the aviation parts made of carbon material. Those are just two side examples of how diamonds and carbon respectively are used.

What other interesting facts should you know about diamonds? They have been around for centuries of course, and in fact, it was approximately 28 centuries ago that the diamonds were first mined as a gemstone. Where did it happen? It happened in India, but there are all kinds of diamond stories throughout history. For example, one fascinating fact about diamonds has to do with the Greeks during ancient times. They thought that stars were the source of diamonds. That is an interesting thought, but while a piece of a star would be cool to have, God’s earth creating diamonds naturally over the years out of carbon tops all the interesting diamond facts.

There are of course different colour diamonds as you well know. Not only can they differ in colour, but they also vary in transparency and much more of course. There are three types of colourless diamonds. Diamonds are measured in carats of course, and just guess how many carats the largest diamond was on the books? The answer is over 3100 carats. Cullinan Diamond. Can you imagine?

It was mentioned how tough diamonds are, and you may have heard that diamonds stand for invincibility. You may have also heard that they stand for strength, which makes sense, and they also stand for courage. Diamonds are of course used as jewellery like diamond rings, given as gifts and are part of wedding ceremonies and more. Since diamonds are tied to relationships and love, it only fits that the arrows that Cupid uses are diamond tipped. Did you know that?

The last statement doesn’t qualify as an interesting fact since Cupid isn’t real. However, it is still an interesting story nonetheless.

Diamonds and marriage were mentioned in conjunction with one another. Think about the diamond engagement rings. How long do you say that tradition has been around and where does it come from? It has been around for centuries, since the 15th century, and it supposedly started in Austria.

Have you heard of the Great Diamond of Africa? That would be a cool diamond to see for sure. What is the best or biggest diamond you have ever seen? What was the price tag if it had one? Have you heard of the Hope Diamond? You do know that diamonds have to be cut correctly, right? If you went walking along and a natural diamond was on the ground, it could be that you don’t even realise it.

Naturally, when you cut a diamond it gets smaller, but that is what is going to make it look beautiful and shiny. Do you know if there are any gemstones out there that rival the diamond when it comes to strength and hardness? One of the gems that are next up when it comes to hardness in comparison to a diamond is the Ruby. Well, you know the hardness scale of course, and it’s interesting to note that the Ruby is four notches behind the diamond.

The diamond stands alone in many ways. There are still emeralds, rubies, sapphires and more. However, the diamond is one of those cherished gemstones, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.